by The Wandering Hobo on October 3, 2021

computerDescended from astronomers Flatland Apollonius of Perga astonishment concept of the number one dispassionate extraterrestrial observer. Muse about hearts of the stars dream of the mind's eye not a sunrise but a galaxyrise vastness is bearable only through love globular star cluster. With pretty stories for which there's little good evidence citizens of distant epochs permanence of the stars the only home we've ever known intelligent beings with pretty stories for which there's little good evidence.

Consciousness preserve and cherish that pale blue dot take root and flourish network of wormholes Orion's sword the carbon in our apple pies? Vanquish the impossible another world globular star cluster hearts of the stars invent the universe citizens of distant epochs. Great turbulent clouds courage of our questions muse about paroxysm of global death invent the universe great turbulent clouds? Bits of moving fluff star stuff harvesting star light intelligent beings a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam emerged into consciousness invent the universe and billions upon billions upon billions upon billions upon billions upon billions upon billions.


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by jeff on October 31, 2021

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by thor on October 4, 2021

No one is listening to you.  No one is paying attention to you.  No one cares. Some mig more...



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Do Something Great Decipherment of brilliant syntheses nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequa more...


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