The Man Who Could Speak to Dogs

This is going to them

Posted by Dr. Suez on January 17, 2022

There once was a person who could speak to dogs. They would come up and put their heads in his lap and ask him what they should do. If he said "eat your food," the dog would eat. If he said "sleep on your bed," the dog would sleep. But if he said "speak," they were silent. That was because he was the personification of Wisdom.

Now the wicked ruler was looking for a way to try the man on his wisdom. He went out to the teacher. "I need your help," he said. "Everyone believes the Dog Speaker is the wisest man. I want to know what the limitations of his wisdom are."

"He doesn't have any limitations," said the teacher. "He speaks to people of all kinds, both wise and foolish. And yet, even talk to the dogs!"

Where there is a person who can speak to animals, I will also pay my homage to this man.